Monday, April 9, 2012

Shammy and Carlsson, Swayyyy!

Before you lay eyes on this next engagement session I suggest you have an icey drink or cold shower handy.... because it is so sizzling hot you’ll need to instantly cool down! Put together by the extraordinarily talented Jon Low it is a breathtaking shoot full of ravishing images. The knock out looking couple Shammy and Carlsson, capture their love for each other with so much passion and style, they have literally taken my breath away. That’s why chemistry is the key! But of course, with chemistry like that, there are many more gorgeous images to choose from…

Fascinator always goes well on simple and elegant dress.

The beautiful black sand beach...

Shammy & Carlsson

The Inspiration
Shammy and Carlsson are both from the creative line. They wanted a memorable engagement session that truly reflects their personality. Being the visual type, I REALLY appreciate "Vision". Shammy shared her vision of a cool wedding dress and it somehow reminded me of Nicole Richie and Rebecca Twigley! A wedding dress that could transform from long to short kind of idea is totally not my style as I thought a wedding dress should be a proper wedding dress. After meeting Shammy, we decided to transform a classic wedding dress to a more glamorous one instead!

The Bride wore
The dress was a classic elegant lace and mermaid cut. then, I made a detachable tulle skirt for her next style. When the skirt is attached to the original mermaid dress, it turned out to be a dramatic ball gown as I expected! It was perfect. During the fitting, Shammy brought a bikini top that she bought and try it with the tulle skirt. Seriously, awesome!

The Photographer
Jon Low, my all time favorite photographer continues to WOW me with this collection. I just can't stop adding in more pictures!


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