Friday, December 31, 2010

A Classic Yet Contemporary Red Wedding

A red wedding dress is a perfect place to start when perusing all the colorful choices available for today’s fashionable bride. After all, it’s a powerful color for conveying the intense passion a couple experiences on their special day. Every little detail counts when planning the color and theme. There’s even wedding jewelry and hair accessories that can be perfectly matched to the bride’s wedding dress as well as the wedding party’s chosen outfitting. Freedom of expression has never been as respected as it is today.

I would like to wrap up this year with a real wedding feature by a photographer whose work I have been secretly longing to feature for a while now. His name is Mun Keat, and today I'm prettying up this here page with one of Mun Keat's most recent weddings - that of Chor Hao and Evonne on the 10th of October 2010.

The Red Wedding Dress 
From the left: Bride's mother, groom's mother, the bride.

The couple with bride's parents

The bride and the bridesmaids

The flower girls are all dressed up with tulle skirt and red sash!

Evonne and Chor Hao

The Inspiration
RED is the call of that day! Groom and groomsmen were dresses in red ties while the bridesmaids were dressed in fuchsia and mocha brown. Bride? She's all well dressed in her red wedding dress. Well, the groom has two words in the dress while I was designing the dress. Red & Less embellishment. And here it is the dress of their Big Day on the 10th of Oct. For the evening reception, the reception was decorated with the combination color of mocha brown and green linens, gorgeous centerpieces in lovely silver vase and the isle was  surrounded with tons of candles and lanterns.  The green apples were the gift for the night. Their evening was traditional, intimate, elegant and romantic. Everything I love in a wedding!

The Bride wore
Red duchess satin is the main attention in this design and silver beads finished the top as a peek a boo effect! It is a pleated bodice with an A line bottom that flares out from the mid hip. A red birdcage veil is used to match the wedding dress. Evonne had a white french lace cheongsam during the tea ceremony session followed by a ivory halter evening dress embellished with red ruby crystals and semi precious stones with a long sash down from the neck.

The Groom wore
Chor Hao wore a black tuxedo for the day, by Bespoke. 

The Photographer
I have admired this photographer's work for a number of reasons ~ it's contemporary yet sensual styling, his ability to attract the most amazing couples to work with and his all round niceness ~ yes, he really is that lovely! Did I just said Lovely? I'm usually a fan of the soft focus, vintage photography, all nude palettes and tulle like fabrics, if you read lots of wedding blogs you know the ones I mean. However, I really like Mun Keat's use of colour, and the clean, sharp images. err.. I think they're sharp, No? :P Mun Keat's work is just Sublime, Sensual, Stunning!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Wedding Photographer's Destination Wedding!

Happy Holiday! Last September 29th, Zach Chin from ZA Gallery got himself married. And Jon Low of Jon Low Studios took the pictures. I look so forward to the future for these two. They are a perfect match, and I know that they will remain not only lovers, but friends, for all of their life. They just seem to have that certain something about them, and I know that theirs will truly be - a match made in heaven. 

I knew Zach through a client of mine and also a photography workshop back in 2008. I love his work, they are just truly genuine. He is a soft spoken, sentimental and creative photographer that reflects his work tremendously. And, as I always say to him, Work, Patience, Love, Self-sacrifice are his only vocabulary in life! It was unfortunate I couldn’t witness your wedding but am pretty sure it was wonderful!

Congratulation, I love you guys!

Have you ever seen a more radiant bride? How about Zach, is he looking good or what? I feel like I’m looking at Bride Magazine when I see this picture perfect couple.

Amelyn + Zach // highlights from Edmund Lee on Vimeo.

Amelyn Yong and Zach Chin

In the BeginningZach and Amelyn known each other during their secondary years back in Ipoh and then lost contact once after completion of school. They met again in 2000 in Petaling Jaya night market and were then in touch with one another but have yet start a relationship. After many hurdles and years, they then decided to be together after the Chinese New Year in 2009 and ever since they haven't looked back!

The Inspiration
Zach and Amelyn both love the romantic and exotic wedding, they know Bali is the ideal place to celebrate their dream wedding with their closest family and friends. The couple and their guests stayed at the beautiful Villa Bulan Putih, where they held the civil service and reception. The villa was situated near Uluwatu and the privacy of the place is just splendid for them to spent priceless time with their family and close friends. Zach and Amelyn hired a local wedding planner company by the name Bali VIP which is run by Veronika. Their efficient service

The Bride wore
Amelyn is one of the coolest bride I have ever met! She is carefree, adventurous, and gorgeous in every way! She chose a V neckline, ivory ruffled dress and fabulous pheasant birdcage veil on her wedding day and followed by a short whimsy white dress for the post wedding photo shoot. Both dress were a big fairytale style, but they still showed off her figure.

The Groom wore
Zach wore a white shirt paired with comfortable white pants, both from Island.

The Photographer
The wedding was covered by Jon Low, one of their close peer, and also a good friend of Zach.

The Videographer
I have to say Edmund Lee, from Keng's Cinematography did a brilliant job in this wedding! He's the man!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inspire Ink: Yellow Makes Me Happy!

Yellow. Gold, Latte, Ivory

I'm loving this palette of yellows blended with latte and ivory. It's rustic, warm and full of whimsy! Some of the ideas that I really like are the wooden table numbers, those fun boutonnieres and that adorable flower girl dress with matching sash! And oh, who does not love the look of those bundt cakes! Those look simply divine!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Sometimes you watch a movie and walk away feeling nothing........and sometimes you watch a movie and walk away feeling more than you ever wanted to.

I don't often find movies that reach deep into my soul and shake it to very core, that squeeze my heart and make me think and rethink everything I've been doing and leave me wondering if I'm the woman I am supposed to be.

Eat, Pray, Love!

Simple words, not exactly the kind of title that catches your attention from the get go, but like so many things in life and through so many of my own experiences, I keep learning that in truth, it's the simple things that matter the most, it's the simple things that will usually be the most pivotal in your life.

The movie follows the book written by Elizabeth Gilbert. I know that many like me, will read a really good book and when the movie version hits the screen, we're left with a bad taste in our mouth, they somehow seem to always leave out one of the biggest plot points or add in others that didn't exist, so I'm glad that I didn't read the book beforehand.

I went into this without any expectations, thoughts, wishes or preconceived notions of what the characters should look like and how they should act.

La dolcezza di non fare niente! - The Sweetness of doing Nothing

A sweet Italian expression which in a way perfectly describes me, but that just brought me to the one scene in the movie where they're all sitting in Italy having dinner and coming up with words to describe each major city...New York~achieve. Los Angeles~succeed. Stockholm~conform. Rome~SEX. In their opinion every city has a word. But then Liz gets confronted with the question "What is YOUR word?" and she can't really answer.

As the movie progresses Liz gets hit with revelation after revelation, it's like knowing that everything you've thought was true, is not. You think things work one way, but they don't.

One of the most poignant moments for me was when they were eating Pizza and her friend Sofie didn't want to because she thought she had been putting on weight, to which Liz replied:

I'm tired of saying no and waking up every morning and recalling every single thing I ate the day before, counting every calorie so I know exactly how much self loathing to take into the shower. I've no interest in being obese but I'm just done with the guilt.

It's hard for me to even type that without getting teary eyed because that little dialogue described me to a tee. THAT which she says she's tired of doing, is what I've been doing for many many years, until about a month ago when I finally said NO MORE. I stopped obsessing with the scale, I stopped feeling guilty every time I took a bite and guess what???? I am eating whatever I feel like eating, whenever I feel like eating it and I haven't put on any weight because I'm happy and stress free.

Actions speak so much louder than words. In ending this post, I want to encourage you to watch the movie, even if you've read the book, if nothing else, the powerful performance by Julia Roberts is enough to leave you gobsmacked.

I also leave you with some of my favorite quotes from the movie, powerful, touching, thought provoking and liberating.

If you are prepared most of all to face and forgive some very difficult realities about yourself, the truth will not be withheld from you.

It's better to live your own life imperfectly than to imitate someone else's perfectly.

To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life.

As smoking is to the lungs, so is resentment to the soul; even one puff is bad for you.

Have a good week ahead!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ray LaMontagne

His music are so intricate and infectious...

You Are The Best Thing

It's been a long day, baby
Things ain't been going my way
And now i need you here
To clear my mind all the time

And baby
The way you move me, it's crazy
It's like you see right through me
And make it easier
Believe me, you don't even have to try

Oh, because
You are the best thing
(you're the best thing)
You are the best thing
(you're the best thing, baby)
You are the best thing
(you're the best thing, oooh)
Ever happened to me

We've come a long way
And baby
You know i hope and i pray
That you believe me
When i say this love will never fade away


Both of us had no love before
(to come on promising like a spring to walk on out the door)?
Our words are strong and our hearts are kind
Let me tell you just exactly what's on my mind

[chorus x2]

Hold You In My Arms

When you came to me with your bad dreams and your fears
It was easy to see that you'd been crying
Seems like everywhere you turn catastrophe it reigns
But who really profits from the dying
I could hold you in my arms
I could hold you forever
I could hold you in my arms
I could hold you in my arms forever

When you kissed my lips with my mouth so full of questions
It's my worried mind that you quiet
Place your hands on my face
Close my eyes and say
Love is a poor man's food
Don't prophesize
I could hold you in my arms
I could hold you forever
And I could hold you in my arms
I could hold you forever

So now we see how it is
This fist begets the spear
Weapons of war
Symptoms of madness
Don't let your eyes refuse to see
Don't let your ears refuse to hear
Or you ain't never going to shake this sense of sadness
I could hold you in my arms
I could hold on forever
And I could hold you in my arms
I could hold forever



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eco- Friendly Elegance...

It's the idea of having an floral themed wedding without the use of actual flowers!

Using sustainable eco-friendly fabric is a huge trend in the fashion world right now, and wedding fashion is no exception. Materials like organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and soy blend fabric have a lower impact on the environment than traditional formal wear fabric, and they look and feel just as great – if not better!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We ♥ : Bridal Head Pieces

Gone is the day that a veil is the only accessory acceptable for a bride to wear on top of her head. Bridal hair pieces are a really hot trend right now that I'm simply loving! These little handmade pieces are absolutely stunning! A little vintage, a little glam & even a little whimsical, these hair pieces stand out to me as being unique & romantic. I just love this look & I absolutely think that this trend is going to stick around for a while. It's definitely a throw back to years gone by & incredibly classic looking. So if you are looking to add some uniqueness to your attire- consider one of these pretty little pieces.

Check out these lovelies!

I just love how whimsical these are!

SHOESDAY ~ Shoes To Get you Through The Holiday Season

Because I am so excited about Christmas and New Year, I’m dedicating this week’s Tuesday Shoesday to red heels. Flats, heels, leather, suede…these are a few of my favorite things!

Looking sleek and stylish for holiday seasons does not have to be so expensive but you're gonna party whole night remember?? This sexy marilyn inspired satin high heeled sandals with bow feature a 4.5″ heel, goes with anything black, white, cream or sandy color, and skinny jeans! Imagine the entrance you would make at a Christmas party with these heels!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Coffey Anderson

Coffey Anderson - Better Today

Coffey Anderson - You Gave Me You

Coffey Anderson says his mission is to “take inspirational music that you might hear on Sunday and turn it into something you want to listen to all week. You want that message to get you through the week. . .and make it through whatever you’re dealing with.”

He made it! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chandelier of Memories

Every time I think I'm tiring of Pottery Barn, they do something to reel me right back in. This time it was a paper chandelier. Seriously, how great is that?! As soon as I saw it, I starting thinking how sweet and sentimental it would be to cover it with memories - sepia-toned photos, movie stubs, love notes, pages from favorite books, photobooth strips - and, of course, display at a wedding. I think it would be fab to place a paper chandelier over every table and bonus points if you figured out a way to actually illuminate it ... it could spur great conversations among guests and you could include memories of your coupledom {is that a word?} as well as childhood memories from both your pasts. Love it?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Joanne Chew and Matthew Gan

The Bridal Portrait Locale
The city of London, United Kingdom

The Inspiration
Joanne and Matthew loved the Old English Gothic architecture – with stretches of shopping districts in a fast moving, cosmopolitan city, London- and knew it would be the perfect canvas for the glamorous and edgy bridal portraits they'd envisioned. The wedding photographer, Jon Low and I brought this vision to life by accenting it with simple yet edgy wedding gown and glamorous red evening dresses photographed at most the hotspots in London.

The Bride wore
Joanne started shopping for her wedding dress as soon as she became engaged to Matthew Gan. And when she fell in love with one of the sketches I had for my 2010 Collection, she was elated- then skeptical. Happily, an additional shopping trip only confirmed that the dress she singled out- a strapless sweetheart neckline, draped with French tulle trumpet gown and finished with teardrop Swarovski crystals and gold colored beads resembling the peacock feather lines at the top. As for the evening dress, she wants the red color to be the center of attention. Therefore, I got the dress done with no beads finishing but the dress was fully bloomed with handmade chiffon flowers at the shoulder right to her lower back of the dress. She had her hair and make up done all by herself!

The Groom wore
Matthew accented his white linen suit for the day and black tuxedo for night, both by D&G.

The Photographer
Joanne and Matthew were amazed by Jon Low's work and trusted him to have their wedding portraits done. Jon's god-given talent just fits perfectly in with this edgy and glamorous London Calling theme!