Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shirley and Andy, Made in Dreams!

My favourite types of Vintage wedding? 
The ones that are authentic. Hands down, my favourite era is the glamorous 20s to 40s. Pre-war decadence and excess as hemlines rose and morals slipped ;) Give me a stunning silk evening gown with embellishment, the full on red-lipped face and perfect pinned waves any day of the week. But the very best ones don’t stop there, with era appropriate blooms, and entertainment that recreates a mood of prohibition recklessness for the perfect party.

Your Kind of Vintage...
Of course, when it comes down to it, what really makes any wedding is you. How you make it vintage is completely personal. Forget the purists or embrace them and craft your wedding by cherry picking the perfect details, fabulous gowns and stylish decor you see on these very pages.

Shirley and Andy

The Inspiration
She has a lil vintage in her! She told me exactly what she like for her wedding dress when we first met. A petite dame who has all it takes to be an elegant and classic bride inspires me to design this classic gown for her big day!

The Bride wore
The design is vintage yet chic. With corded lace appliques all around the dress and delicate details like tulle pleats around the neck all the way to the empire cut. The dress is designed in a way to suit her petite figure and yet to enhance the sweet personality in her. One of the dress I LOVE so far!

The Photographer
A big thank you to i-Simplez Photography for allowing me to use their photos for this post. First heard their name through Shirley and their work are just amazing! Love the way they capture the gown!